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Workshop on Dining Etiquettes 2022-23

The Department of Hotel Management  organized a two-day session on  “Dining Etiquettes” for all non teaching staff of institute under MDP on 25th & 26th Feb 2022 by Mr. Pankaj Kukreti. The main objective of this session was as follows-

The “Dining Etiquettes” workshop for non-teaching staff enhances professionalism and interpersonal skills for social and professional dining. Participants refine table manners, communication, and conduct through practical demonstrations and interactive activities. Emphasis on proper attire, seating arrangements, and graceful handling of challenging situations ensures positive institute representation. Feedback sessions and goal-setting exercises were tailored to the specific needs of the participants, ensuring that each individual had the opportunity to cultivate confidence and sophistication in navigating diverse dining environments. By the end of the workshop, these 16 participants emerged equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to represent their institute with poise and professionalism during various social and professional engagements.

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